I absolutely love bralettes. I think they are comfortable to wear and look cute at the same time. And I think I found the bralette! This one from Yummi Apparel is soooo pretty, and besides the lace detailing (which I adore) it's also super practical because you can adjust it, and it also holds everything in place.
Another thing that I love about this brand is, that each bralette is handmade, which for me is so inspiring and I also love supporting creativity.
I think that every single girl deserves that special bra, that makes her feel chic, and I definitely found mine. I wear it all the time & I will be picking up some more of these for sure!

You can buy yours HERE.

I hope you find a bralette for yourself, and if you do, make sure to let me know! 

Lara BegicComment