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This story takes place in Trieste, Italy. A city that makes you want to be a professional photographer & an old wanderers soul all in one. Located in northeastern Italy with quite an amazing architecture and a lively cultural scene, Trieste is the perfect getaway stop for three girls who just want to forget their problems, and problems of the whole wide world, and have a little bit of fun.
Anastasija, Marija, and Lara. Three very different, but very much the same girls. It's safe to say all three of them were overwhelmed with random things that were going on in their lives.
So, let's find out a little bit more about them, shall we? 

First one is Anastasija. The forever Fahdess princess (If you don't know what fahdess is, you're missing out on life. Also click here.), an alternative, determined yet confused individual. Moving to a new country definitely wasn't easy for her. Her careless posture always made it seem like she knows what she's doing, when in reality she was more scared than ever before. The fact that she went from being a straight-A student in an environment where everyone knows everyone, to living in a new city where she knows almost no one and nothing, not even the language, most certainly presented a huge challenge for her. Fitting in is never easy, and she, more than anyone, knew that. But life wasn't all gray for Anastasija, she was adding more and more color to it. Sure, with her many exams and paperwork struggles the colors were more or less on the darker color scale, but she didn't seem to mind. Finding out what life has to offer, by herself, was more than she had ever dreamed of. Nevertheless when she heard the words "girls trip to Trieste" her heart sang like she had just heard the unreleased song of Arctic Monkeys. Sadly, she was forced to listen to Marija's loud singing of Jelena Rozga the entire time, and Lara's insane driving didn't help her relaxation, but the noisiness of the situation made her kind of calm and happy. Finally, an adventure she was looking for. 

"My camera doesn't have enough battery..." were the first words that came to Marija's mind when Lara mentioned a trip to Italy. "Ako!" she said to herself, thinking she'd make something out of any possible situation because that's just what she does. Being creative obviously has its pros, but what about the cons? The constant need to be creating, but then again the laziness that comes with lack of inspiration. Marija didn't care for many things in her life, well actually you could say she was ignorant at times. But she cared deeply for two things, her friends, and her work. And this trip offered a chance to combine those two. The last two months were stressful, to say the least. Her *khm* many lives were suddenly crashing and combining with such speed, even she didn't know what to make of it. Ignorant on the outside, but very much vulnerable on the inside, she was struggling to keep her s**t together. Life as such didn't seem to bother her, Marija has always successfully handled it, but all the people she cared about so very much suddenly connecting, well that was something none of us could ever predict. How in the world was she supposed to balance the wishes of so many people, old and new, dear and near, here and far? She knew she was the backbone of many people, even if those people didn't really appreciate it, or even knew it. Marija's main profession was being a friend. And boy was she used to succeed when trying to be a good friend.  
Her colorful personality, which stretched all the way from Severina to Darko Rundek, was prepared to take on whatever life had planned for her. She was in charge and a spontaneous trip was just the proof she needed.  

& Lara...The friend who always tries to please everyone, but ends up with a bag full of nervousness. At this place and time, she was a chaos. Suddenly realizing she was lost in her own mind with no visible solution. Trying to be too smart when it comes to everything isn't an easy job, and she was failing, failing hard. She was kind of funny that way, her Mom's sense of righteousness mixed with generosity and her Dad's need for perfection trough discourse made her feel like she had to be in all places at once, and she had to exceed everyone's expectations. With Marija being her main life support, everything was in order, or at least that was how it seemed, up until she added a few new, very important people to her life, to whom she wanted to give all she could. Just like her best friend, she had barely gotten used to her life as it was, and all the changes came, well expected, but still, she had a hard time balancing everything. Searching for her place in the big world made her confused. Her knowledge of the fact that her voice is the only one that counts, didn't make it any easier to tune out the voices of those trying to lecture her. Because again, she knew that she always tries to outsmart everyone, so how would she know when to step down of her imaginary pedestal and admit someone else is right and she is wrong. She tried to convince herself that everything she does, she does to gain a voice in the modern society, a voice that she could use to do good, but did that voice really count, if she had gotten it by doing something potentially “shallow"? So, was a trip to Italy really the best thing she could have suggested out loud to two enthusiastic girls desperate for adventure when trying to be humbler? Probably not. But there she was, looking at two smiling faces that were already checking the weather forecast in Trieste.  

mainstream chic

And by now you're maybe wondering how a one-day trip to Trieste could be anything that even resembled an adventure?Well, if you are wondering that, you're hanging out with the wrong people, that's all I'm going to say. Because these three girls made so many happy memories in one day, that many don't get in a lifetime.

Sadly, not everything can be shared, but if you enjoyed this little story time, let me know, and maybe I'll share some more;). If not, at least I felt good writing it, and do not worry, I'll be back to writing my same old posts soon enough.  
Many kisses, 


Photography Marija Stojkovska

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