As this post is long overdue, and the “fashionably late” expression does not apply in this case, I’m calling myself “sustainably late”. Yes, you read it right. I am late to the sustainability train and I am trying to keep up with everything I’ve apparently been missing out on.

This Ljubljana fashion week season my outfits were all about uniqueness, sustainability and support. From supporting fellow creators, to borrowing clothes and honoring the slovenian tradition, I have been trying to make up for my past mistakes and absorb all the knowledge I can, so I can try and be better in the future.

It’s Earth day today, and even though I haven’t given this day much consideration in the past (except when I was 11 and preforming in the school play, but that was only so i could have some stage time - problems of a true Leo hahaha), I have decided to honor Earth today, and every day from now on.

I am going to be completely honest here and say that I love Zara, I love Mango and I love H&M. For more reasons that I can count, but let’s point out the obvious three - these shops are affordable (after all I am a student), they are keeping up with the current trends and are easy to shop (a few clicks and the items are yours).

And even though I have made a pact with myself to stop buying these clothes, somehow I always end up strolling through their websites, because I’m in need of a new outfit and my wallet disagrees, so we make a compromise and meet in the middle. But I have come to the conclusion that all my assumptions about vintage, second hand and sustainable clothing are false.

    Yes, some of the “sustainable” items are more expensive, due to the quality of the materials and the origin of the clothes. BUT you can find amazing clothes for a very very affordable price.

    I always thought that sustainable clothing is hard to find, but with a tiny bit of research you can find gorgeous shops, breathtaking vintage stores and you can even take some clothing from your grandmother, and adjust them to your liking. Who doesn’t love an item with a story anyway?

    Completely false. From supporting young artists, to finding amazing shops, trendy and unique pieces are within reach.


Let’s take this dress for an example. It looks (and feels!!!) gorgeous. It fits the body nicely, you can dress it up or down and you can tie it in about ten different ways. The Anselma shop (click here) is right in the Ljubljana city centre, and by shopping in their shop you are supporting local artists, wearing trendy pieces and saving the environment.

I loved this piece so much I immediately knew, that even though I was borrowing it for an event, I needed to own it. So expect to see a lot more of this dress.



dress Anselma
bag Boopacks
shoes Zara
socks Calzedonia
jewelry H&M


And even though I am not completely ready to let go of Zara yet (and neither should you until you feel like doing so) I will aim to start shopping sustainably, to be more picky about pieces I own and to know the story behind them. Because if LJFW day three has taught me anything, is that fashion is truly my passion and you should take care of your passions in the best way you possibly can.

See you in Anselma!

Lara BegicComment