Zara leather dress // boopacks backpack // Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Zara leather dress // boopacks backpack // Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

So November 9th was a very special day because me and my friends went to see Justin Bieber in Zagreb. I don't go to many concerts actually, and I was planning on wearing something simple and comfy, so I wanted my hair to stand out. 
And that is exactly what I did. Well not me, but the best hairdresser Sabina, from Lily's Beauty Corner, who made me feel sooooo cool, I couldn't believe what she did out of my hair. I sent her an inspiration picture, and it came out so much cooler (she also coloured my hair btw).


I liked the hairstyle so much, I even slept with the braids, added a few curls in the next day, and it looked almost the same. How cool is that? Anyhow, can't wait until she does something crazy with my hair again. If you're like me, and you have a huge problem finding a hairstylist that you can trust even with the craziest of ideas, I suggest you go to her. I felt like one of those Insatgram girls that have the best hair!  I think my bad hair days are over now hahahah. 


For my outfit I went with all black, a leather dress and a more rocker jacket ( don't know where it's from, but my guess would be Zara or Pull and Bear). I wore sneakers, because they are the most comfortable, and my plan was to dance trough the whole concert.


I love this silver Boopack, and I knew I needed to take it with me. I feel like everything just came together perfectly.

mainstream chic ootd and hair rings
mainstream chic ootd
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I wanted to post some videos, and believe me I have a lot of them, but couldn't quite figure out how, and also the quality is not very good, but the experience itself was beyond incredible. If you listen to Justin at least a little bit, go to his concert, and trust me, when you feel his energy and the crowd going crazy, see the dancers, and hear him talk, like really talk to the audience, you will fall in love. At least the twelve-year-old you is going to go crazy, just like mine did hahaha.

This was probably my favourite moment, so I found it on YouTube :), and I took the photo. What is your favourite concert you've ever been to? And also, if you have any crazy hairstyle suggestions, please let me know!

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