Primark sweater // Zara shoes // H&M skirt // Mango Bag / /Marella coat

Primark sweater // Zara shoes // H&M skirt // Mango Bag / /Marella coat

Hey, guys! So lately I have been really into thigh high boots. I love wearing dresses and skirts and these boots make it easier for me to keep wearing them in the winter. I feel like thigh highs are the perfect statement piece of an outfit, and because these are black, they are also easy to style.

I choose a comfy gray sweater, and a black skirt, and grabbed my camel coat while rushing out of the house. I didn't wear that many accessories because I just feel like this is an easy outfit for school or work, so I wanted to keep it simple. If I were to add any jewelry I'd probably go with bigger earrings and a matching bracelet. If you prefer boots without a heel, I believe Mass and Stradivarius have them.

I could lie, and say that I liked the ponytail with this outfit ( It actually isn't bad, but that is not the reason I have my hair like this haha ), but the truth is, that I was in a desperate need to visit a hairstylist, so I didn't have many options on how to style my hair.

I wish I could wear these boots all the time because they just make me feel so chic and I don't even care about the heel, even though I prefer shoes without one most of the time. I feel like these ones are worth the suffer. At first, I didn't like them as much, because I felt like they should go higher, to the middle of my thigh, but now I see that as an advantage because they don't slide down while walking. 

Do you have any thoughts about the "over the knee" trend?