Hey lovelies!

So since it's the month of new year resolutions coming to life, I thought I would show you my favourite smoothie recipe. I drink smoothies all the time, and this is the one I usually make.

I love avocado, especially in smoothies. I mixed avocado, some frozen berries and fresh mango. I tend to follow the rule of mixing fruit and veggies, so sometimes I go for spinach instead of avocado, or bananas instead of berries and so on.

I also always use oat meal. I like my smoothies to be more liquid, so I add either almond milk or coconut milk.  

I like adding some chia seeds and goji berries also :)

If I am feeling in the mood for something sweet, I add a spoon of organic honey. And that's it. It's simple and tastes sooo good. 

I hope you will find this helpful!


Lara BegicsmoothieComment